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SOA, connectivity, BPM, decision management, EAI, virtual infrastructure, the social enterprise.

To some, they're jargon terms that make the eyes glaze over. But to the innovative IT pro, they're the keys to a more agile company, one that can adapt to today's fast-changing business environment while empowering employees, pleasing customers, and, yes, beefing up the bottom line.

Your C-level execs may not always get it. But you do. That's why you're here, and it's why we're here.

You need reliable, timely information about the fast-moving parade of new solutions hitting the market. We provide the wisdom and perspectives of your peers and an all-star team of technology writers in a community that is designed for the CIO, the IT manager, and other professionals who can spot the words "competitive advantage" floating in that alphabet soup of acronyms we call the technology marketplace.

You're the rock star in this very social community. We want you to share your insights or gripes on our message boards. Go ahead, add your two cents about our latest blog. Catch a video and send it to colleagues. You can even ask us about starting your own blog we're looking for smart people with something to say. Your opinions and experiences have great value here.

BusinessAgility.com can't fix that bug in your network. But we promise to provide thought-provoking commentary, a sounding board for your questions, and a fresh perspective on the worlds of business process management, service oriented architecture, and social enterprises.

If you like what you see, please let us know. And if you don't, then please let us know that, too. We're here to help you stay agile and enterprising, even if that means writing new rules for our own business process.

Tom Murphy
Editor in Chief

Tom Murphy has helped define interactive journalism for more than two decades as writer, editor, and entrepreneur. He has led coverage of technology and business on a global basis as editor-in-chief for RedHerring.com and Montgomery Research. He was founding managing editor of MarketWatch.com, the first Bloomberg News correspondent in Northern California, and a Northern California news desk supervisor for the Associated Press. Tom is the founder of the award-winning news service, Newswire21.org, and the over-40 site, RedwoodAge.com. He is author of the book, Web Rules: How the Internet Is Changing the Way Consumers Make Choices.


Keith Dawson
Senior Editor

Keith Dawson has been making sense out of technology and its uses in business for diverse audiences over a career that probably began before you were born. Networked computer technology has been part of the mix for all of those years: As the era of punched cards was drawing to a close Dawson spearheaded what was possibly the world's first online documentation system for remote, networked computers. He has worked as software developer, manager, marketer, writer, editor, and unelected pundit; for the last 20+ years he has toiled in the mines of the Internet. His newsletter, Tasty Bits from the Technology Front, begun in 1994, won some awards. More recently he has written for Media Grok, Media Unspun, and Slashdot. A seminal blogger, Dawson has been advocating and practicing social media marketing since before the Web was birthed from the forehead of Sir Tim.


Terry Sweeney
Editorial Director

Terry Sweeney is Editorial Director of UBM's business unit DeusM, and is based somewhere in the smog-laden environs of Los Angeles. He has covered technology for more than 25 years, with broad expertise in storage, networking, security, wireless, and celebrity stalking.

Sweeney served previously as Editor in Chief of award-winning Internet Evolution; from October 2005 to June 2007, he was Editor in Chief of Byte and Switch, storage networking's most widely read Website, which, when you think about it, is really not saying much. He was also a Founding Editor of the sinister IT security Website, Dark Reading (www.darkreading.com), as well as Storage Pipeline (absorbed in a nearly bloodless coup by the insatiable Byte and Switch). He did not leave under a cloud.

Sweeney was also News Editor at Internet Week and spent three years in Paris working for Communications Week International. When the Germans occupied the city he fled to Geneva, Switzerland, where he served as Editor in Chief of the print, online, and video content for the ITU's Telecom 99 conference. He later ran guns to freedom fighters in the Belgian Congo. Maybe.

He has contributed to The Washington Post, Crain's New York Business, Red Herring, Blue Herring, Rogue Herring, Information Week, Network World, SearchStorage, and Chicken Fancier, among other business and IT titles. He also designed a prototype flying machine and a fully functional submarine. No. Wait... That was someone else...

Sweeney surely did, however, graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1982 with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a minor in Portuguese, for no discernible reason.


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