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Creating an Agile Wallet
Pierre DeBois  
6/25/2012   1 comment
Pay Pal's digital wallet signals an acceleration of mobile payment activity by an agile player.
The Technology of Health
Tom Murphy  
5/15/2012   11 comments
BodyMedia CIO Steve Menke talks about fighting obesity with technology.
When QR Codes Make Sense
Tom Murphy  
3/12/2012   7 comments
QR codes can help companies connect with customers, but can hurt when they aren't used right.
Management Education Never Stops
Pierre DeBois  
3/8/2012   4 comments
Educating managers can help take advantage of analytic tools and refine opportunities to deliver customer value.
Is IT About $?
Keith Dawson  
3/1/2012   1 comment
If IT is more about dollars and cents than bits and bytes, the CFO can make a case for running it.
Friending Your Loyal Customers
Pierre DeBois  
2/27/2012   5 comments
Businesses are increasing their agility to try and fail quickly with social media.
Hands in the Cookie Jar
Keith Dawson  
2/21/2012   8 comments
Google got caught gaming Apple's Safari browser. Any benefit it derived is not worth the hit it took.
Analyzing Google Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
2/13/2012   2 comments
Google changes are a reminder that being agile means listening to your customers.
Cybersecurity Pricetag
Keith Dawson  
2/8/2012   4 comments
A comprehensive study of how much it would cost to secure cyberspace has big implications for IT.
pcAnywhere Is Toast
Keith Dawson  
1/30/2012   11 comments
Symantec has "recalled" pcAnywhere after hackers passed purloined source code on to Anonymous.
A Tale of Two Flights
John W. Verity  
1/27/2012   5 comments
The agility, and shortcomings, of airlines in customer service.
The Death of IE6
Keith Dawson  
1/11/2012   6 comments
The bane of Web developers and security geeks is gone.
Agile Technology of the Year
Tom Murphy  
12/20/2011   7 comments
Editor in Chief Tom Murphy announces Business Agility's Technology of the Year.
6 Steps to Going Social
Tom Murphy  
11/28/2011   9 comments
Rik Frost of Ascendant Technology shares steps to a successful social enterprise implementation.
Motivating the Social Enterprise
Tom Murphy  
11/21/2011   12 comments
Consultant Sara Roberts talks about the links between motivation and the social enterprise.
Banking on Social Business
Tom Murphy  
11/16/2011   4 comments
Wells Fargo SVP shares what the big bank is learning in its transition to social business.
Analyzing What You Can't Measure
Stephen Saunders  
11/3/2011   6 comments
Numbers alone don't reflect the overall quality of products and services.
The CEO Who Cried 'Canceled'
Tom Murphy  
10/21/2011   12 comments
Was Marc Benioff's speech at OpenWorld really canceled? Or was it another of his notorious stunts?
Coaching Your Company to Greater Agility
Terry Sweeney  
10/18/2011   17 comments
Coaching has gotten so specialized why not agility coaches?
Cloud Stability: Perception vs. Reality
Nicole Ferraro  
10/17/2011   7 comments
If you associate the Cloud with instability, you may be suffering from a perception problem.
Sanjay Jalona of Infosys: Why Agility is Critical
Tom Murphy  
10/7/2011   6 comments
Sanjay Jalona, Head of Manufacturing at Infosys, explains the importance of agility.
The Cost of Bad BPM
Tom Murphy  
10/5/2011   12 comments
There are costs to consumers and IT managers when companies make bad business decisions.
Big Employers & Business Agility
Terry Sweeney  
9/29/2011   23 comments
The world's largest employers make effective use of supply chain management.
My Take on Timeline
Tom Murphy  
9/26/2011   5 comments
Our Editor-in-Chief shares a personal gripe about Facebook's shift to Timeline.
Analysis Paralysis: The Sad State of Analytics
Stephen Saunders  
9/16/2011   9 comments
The first software company to make a simple analytics package is going to make money.
What if Tennis Players Were Companies?
Terry Sweeney  
9/16/2011   8 comments
Gamification of IT and business data and could help companies be more competitive.
Reach for the Stars
Tom Murphy  
9/15/2011   7 comments
M.C. Hammer explains why he's a fan of the social enterprise.
Why We Need Social Enterprises
Tom Murphy  
9/14/2011   Post a comment
Here's a tip on how to explain to a CEO why the company needs to build a social enterprise.

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