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SOA: Good, but Not Perfect
Eric Christiansen  
6/13/2012   25 comments
SOA needs standards and implementations with deeper and more complex scalability features if it is to succeed in enterprise SaaS.
Arguing for IT Service Management
Keith Dawson  
5/31/2012   23 comments
IT service management, or ITSM, promises to help make IT as a whole more agile and help it supply true business value to the enterprise.
Next-Gen IT
David Coursey  
5/23/2012   33 comments
Next-gen IT breaks down the divide separating IT and users, especially new user-developers. If this isn't your idea of fun IT, be prepared to get run over. It's IT 2.0.
Measuring IT Service Capability & Quality
John Edwards  
5/16/2012   10 comments
Researchers propose a better way of evaluating IT service providers. The new model has quality as its main theme.
Pure Applications Kills in Vegas
Tom Murphy  
5/1/2012   16 comments
IBM shows off an impressive Pure Applications as the high note of its Impact 2012 keynote session.
Cloud Encourages a Service Orientation in IT Integration
Jim Frey  
4/27/2012   6 comments
Service-oriented IT shops, especially those embracing cloud, are discovering the benefits of cross-domain teaming.
Agile Like Disney
Keith Dawson  
4/26/2012   41 comments
The Disney Institute has a lot to teach us about agile customer service and efficiency in handling crowds.
The Top Worries of Security Pros
Keith Dawson  
4/25/2012   33 comments
The security threats most on the mind of IT staffers stem from Anonymous, criminals, and China.
 BA Radio: Tomorrow's Innovations With IBM Fellow Jerry Cuomo
BA Radio  
4/24/2012   463 comments
Please join us for a sneak preview of IBM’s Impact 2012 show with IBM Fellow Jerry Cuomo, CTO of the WebSphere Division of Big Blue’s software group. Cuomo will discuss some of the recent innovations in the areas of SOA, social media, cloud, analytics, and complete systems.
A Crash Course in Near Field Communication
Keith Dawson  
4/13/2012   45 comments
Near Field Connects president Theresa Billy educates us on the present reality and the potential of NFC technology.
IBM Packages a 'Cloud in a Box'
Keith Dawson  
4/11/2012   21 comments
PureSystems, a new high-density architecture, has built-in expertise for IT and is ready for the cloud.
IT Jobs & the Cloud
Keith Dawson  
4/10/2012   25 comments
When the IT department moves to the cloud, IT jobs won't necessarily disappear, but they will change.
Mac Malware Has Arrived
Keith Dawson  
4/9/2012   41 comments
IT needs to work on educating Mac-using BYOD employees who may have gotten complacent about security patching.
Nokia's Big Bet on Windows
Tom Murphy  
3/28/2012   29 comments
After its dramatic fall from grace, agile Nokia is betting its future on the dark horse in the US phone market -- Windows.
 Socialize the Enterprise, With Rik Frost, Ascendant Technology
BA Radio  
3/27/2012   72 comments
Join us for an in-depth discussion with Rik Frost director of portal strategy at Ascendant Technology, which won IBM's 2012 Chief Technology Award for its innovative "Socialize the Enterprise" product.
Apple Risks Losing Its Luster
Tom Murphy  
3/17/2012   46 comments
One radio show’s retraction notwithstanding, Apple risks losing its appeal to hipsters unless it rises above criticisms of labor practices.
Analytics for Your Inbox
Tom Murphy  
3/13/2012   17 comments
Big Blue looks at ways to use analytics to help sort out that clutter in your inbox.
When QR Codes Make Sense
Tom Murphy  
3/12/2012   7 comments
QR codes can help companies connect with customers, but can hurt when they aren't used right.
The New iPad & the Enterprise
Keith Dawson  
3/12/2012   16 comments
As if consumerization of the enterprise didn't already have enough momentum, the new iPad adds another reason to BYOD.
Are You Ready for Citizen Developers?
David Coursey  
3/9/2012   18 comments
Civilians will be developing a quarter of corporate applications within a couple of years. Here's how to prepare.
New Video Deal Lacks Analysis
Tom Murphy  
2/7/2012   13 comments
Agility requires more than rhetoric, as Verizon and Redbox illustrated in the data-starved announcement of a new joint venture.
Time for Serious Focus on Mobile
Keith Dawson  
2/7/2012   10 comments
Smartphones outsold all PCs and tablets combined last year.
Go Mobile, But Go Carefully
Maryam Donnelly  
2/3/2012   31 comments
Smartphones may make up the bulk of the market this year, but most users aren’t smart about protecting them.
Apple Takes Lead in Mobile Device Management
Keith Dawson  
2/1/2012   7 comments
With 1 in 5 enteprise workers using an iOS device, Apple and its partners are poised to dominate mobile device management.
Heads Up for the Latest iOS Jailbreak
Keith Dawson  
1/27/2012   26 comments
There are few upsides to having jailbroken consumer devices on the LAN.
Private Clouds Set to Soar
Tom Dunlap  
1/23/2012   6 comments
Enterprises find that the most compelling way to support modern app development is by leveraging the cloud’s benefits.
China’s Netizens Offer Lesson in Agility
Tom Murphy  
1/18/2012   35 comments
Arithmetic problem: If a half-billion people are online in China, and half are blogging, what does that mean to the people who manage enterprises for western companies?
Maximizing the SMB's Advantage Online
Pierre DeBois  
1/10/2012   17 comments
The Internet offers agile SMBs a potential advantage over bigger rivals. Here are some tips to maximize that strength online.
Guarding Against 'Advanced Persistent Threat'
Keith Dawson  
1/10/2012   11 comments
CIOs in charge of security need to be very aware of the so-called Advanced Persistent Threat and shore up their defenses.
Your Voice Can Be Your Password
Maryam Donnelly  
1/5/2012   34 comments
Voice recognition promises an exciting option for accessible and secure authentication.
The Rising Shadow of Google+
Tom Murphy  
1/4/2012   35 comments
As interest in social business grows, Google+ may play a bigger role, with one forecaster predicting it will grow to 400 million users this year.
The IT Job Market Brightens
Tom Murphy  
1/3/2012   22 comments
Will you add to your IT staff in 2012? Or give workers a raise? Demand is rising for technology workers.
2012: The End of the World (as We Know IT)
Tom Murphy  
12/29/2011   30 comments
The world probably won’t end in 2012, but the way we do business will change forever. Agile technologies can help savvy CIOs cope with what’s to come.
A Winter Chill in the Social Enterprise
Tom Murphy  
12/28/2011   69 comments
Facebook has helped define the social enterprise. Will it continue to dazzle in 2012, or will it fizzle like other recent technology IPOs?
Bumps Ahead on the Wireless Superhighway
Tom Murphy  
12/22/2011   54 comments
Wireless outages and a broken merger serve as warning signs as soaring consumer expectations drive mobile development.
Five Paths to Tech Nirvana
Tom Murphy  
12/21/2011   31 comments
Will computers recognize us within in the next five years? Will the digital divide vanish? Some smart folks at IBM seem to think so.
QR Codes: Still Looking for a Following
Maryam Donnelly  
12/20/2011   13 comments
QR codes are everywhere these days, but their adoption has been slower than expected for a number of good reasons.
What IT Can Learn From a Rabbit
Tom Dunlap  
12/19/2011   9 comments
A thriving startup in the new service networking field has lessons for enterprise organizations.
Embracing the DIY Tech Movement
Tom Murphy  
12/15/2011   5 comments
Tech-savvy employees are circumventing the IT department to find the work solutions they need. Should you help them?
It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Mobile
Tom Murphy  
12/14/2011   8 comments
A new study finds "insatiable" shoppers drive the adoption of mobile technologies at retail stores.
Protecting Data Through BPM
Pierre DeBois  
12/14/2011   5 comments
A business process team can enhance security by helping an organization to analyze the access and use of its data.
And Now a Word from Our Cloud...
Cassimir Medford  
12/13/2011   8 comments
In addition to reinventing TV as we know it, cable companies are transforming advertising by reaching into the cloud.
Holiday Shopping for Cloud Companies
Tom Murphy  
12/12/2011   7 comments
Recent acquisitions of cloud-based service companies have sent the values of other firms higher.
Verizon Deal Spurs Cable’s IT Push
Cassimir Medford  
12/7/2011   5 comments
A $3.6 billion deal with Verizon gives the big cable operators another shot at selling mobile services in the demanding business market.
SOA: Healthcare IT’s Secret Weapon
Sandra Gittlen  
12/1/2011   9 comments
As the healthcare industry booms in the coming years, SOA can help it cope with rampant growth and compliance issues.
Mobile Holiday Shoppers Nearly Triple
Tom Murphy  
11/30/2011   12 comments
Analysis of Cyber Monday data shows mobile shopping nearly tripled from year-ago levels.
Built for Speed: In-Memory Computing
Tom Dunlap  
11/29/2011   5 comments
As a tsunami of data washes over enterprises, new technology and lower costs are fueling an interest in in-memory computing.
The Cloud, Full Speed Ahead
John W. Verity  
11/23/2011   8 comments
Might steam-driven railroads have something to teach about how technology reshapes the world and our understanding of it?
Palestinians Plan for the Cloud
John W. Verity  
11/21/2011   11 comments
Lofty e-government plans in the Palestinian territories appear to be on a collision course with political realities on the ground.
Waking Up to New Priorities
Tom Murphy  
11/18/2011   12 comments
New data shows rapid adoption of mobile apps in the enterprise, a game-changing shift that requires close coordination of analytics, cloud, and social business technologies.
Lean Means More With Less
John W. Verity  
11/18/2011   11 comments
Derived from Toyota's famed manufacturing methods, lean IT practices promise to slash waste and make IT development projects and IT operations more efficient and productive.
There's an API, or Two, in Your Future
John W. Verity  
11/17/2011   20 comments
While the proliferation of Web services is helping companies gain agility, it's also demanding that they pay special attention to the many connections, or APIs, that help weave these services together.
A Hybrid Model Emerges for ERP
Tom Murphy  
11/15/2011   3 comments
While many enterprises are embracing the software-as-a-service model, another trend is taking shape: the blending of SaaS with on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP).
Go Mobile to Drive Loyalty
Maryam Donnelly  
11/15/2011   6 comments
Mobile technology integration overcomes the barrier to loyalty program use and reduces costs.
Demand Rising for Business Agility Tools
Tom Murphy  
11/11/2011   14 comments
Demand is rising for the agile technologies that help companies thrive in a more competitive world, says an IBM business agility executive.
The Birth of an Old Era
Mike Edelhart  
11/11/2011   9 comments
IT managers struggling to connect mobile devices to the cloud might borrow some "new" ideas from the mid-80s, when terminals connected to a centralized mainframe.
Making the Cloud Client-Aware
John W. Verity  
11/11/2011   9 comments
Agility in the cloud will be wasted if apps and services aren't matched well to the abilities of the machines that are consuming them down below.
Leaving Agility in the Dark
Cassimir Medford  
11/10/2011   8 comments
Despite investing billions in new technology, the electric, cable, and phone companies don’t look very agile when the power goes out.
Teaching the Cloud New Tricks
John W. Verity  
11/9/2011   7 comments
The cloud is more than just a giant engine making apps available on demand. Increasingly, it's helping to deliver those apps globally, with no loss of responsiveness.
The Enterprise: Half-Full or Half-Empty?
Tom Murphy  
11/8/2011   4 comments
As enterprise visionaries like Don Tapscott see it, our future will run on the most powerful platform ever.
Google Wallet: Wait & See
Tom Dunlap  
11/8/2011   21 comments
Obstacles aside, Google Wallet may be the start of a trend that will find its way into your business processes.
A Pending Apocalypse for Business as Usual
Mike Edelhart  
11/7/2011   20 comments
MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor thinks companies must adapt to the data revolution led by Facebook and other innovators or vanish.
Building the Enterprise From the Bottom Up
Tom Murphy  
11/7/2011   5 comments
Social business practices often start with line-of-work employees. Is it surprising that senior executives are slower to embrace them?
Occupy the Enterprise: A Time for Agility
Tom Murphy  
11/4/2011   10 comments
An accelerating wave of change driven by technology and human nature will alter your company, hopefully for the better.
Mashing Up the Web
John W. Verity  
11/4/2011   4 comments
A huge and growing roster of APIs, some public and many more private, is turning the whole Web into what amounts to a giant computer.
 Powering the Next-Generation Enterprise with Dion Hinchcliffe
BA Radio  
11/3/2011   58 comments
The president and CTO of Hinchcliffe & Co. will talk about creating next-gen businesses using Web 2.0, SOA, and other innovative solutions.
London Calling (for Business Agility)
Tom Murphy  
11/3/2011   5 comments
In a London forum, IBM lays out a path to greater agility for businesses facing a more competitive world.
Hinchcliffe: Taking the Leap Into Enterprise 2.0
Tom Murphy  
11/2/2011   6 comments
As CIOs try to upgrade their enterprises, social business expert Dion Hinchcliffe predicts a more 'painful' transition to deeply networked global platforms.
For Kaiser Patients, It's a Tweet a Day
John W. Verity  
11/2/2011   5 comments
Case Study: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media channels are proving highly effective communications channels for Kaiser Permanente's enterprise.
A Disconnect Over the Use of Data
Tom Murphy  
11/1/2011   5 comments
Many companies are accumulating vast amounts of data at an accelrating rate. But decision management expert James Taylor thinks some IT departments may not be clear on how to use it.
Up in the Cloud, Trust Is a Must
John W. Verity  
11/1/2011   3 comments
The cloud's agility comes at the cost of extra vigilance by IT managers, because the datacenter will have more moving parts than ever.
News You Can Use: A Business Agility Grab Bag
Tom Murphy  
10/31/2011   8 comments
Grab Bag: A round-up for recent news to use for IT managers seeking more agility.
Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth
John W. Verity  
10/28/2011   14 comments
With mobile sensor-generated data volume rising sharply, a new system seeks to bring the cloud closer to the ground.
An Agile Approach to Development
Cordell Wise  
10/28/2011   7 comments
Lean manufacturing has been used for years to bring better quality products to market faster by eliminating waste and learning from mistakes. Could such a lean process model be applied to organizations building out big data platforms?
Five Winning Ways to Use Business Analytics
Tom Murphy  
10/27/2011   12 comments
Five innovative companies honored by IBM for their creative use of business analytics technology.
Can Predictive Analytics Win a Basketball Game?
Tom Murphy  
10/25/2011   18 comments
Predictive analytics can help a business beat its competitors. Can it do the same for a basketball team?
Going With the Flow
John W. Verity  
10/25/2011   7 comments
An emerging networking technology called OpenFlow may revolutionize what goes on inside data centers, giving them far greater security, performance, and agility.
IBM Shows Its Business Agility Prowess
Tom Murphy  
10/24/2011   4 comments
IBM takes its new business agility products on the road in a series of executive forums from London to Mumbai.
The ‘New IT’ Isn’t So New
John W. Verity  
10/24/2011   6 comments
Some call it the new IT, but the move to the cloud has its roots in Henry Ford’s factory.
Case Study: SOA Takes ERP to Mobile Masses
Sandra Gittlen  
10/20/2011   3 comments
Using SOA, the manufacturer Value Plastics was able to break down barriers between mobile, Web, and other Windows-based platforms throughout the enterprise.
Today's IT Forecast: Partly Cloudy
Tom Murphy  
10/14/2011   8 comments
For IT managers, concerns linger about security and reliability in the cloud. Even some cloud vendors admit things aren’t perfect. Yet.
Learning to Manage Your Decisions
Cordell Wise  
10/13/2011   11 comments
After investing in infrastructure for analytics, data mining, and BI, decision management tools can turn your investment into value by making automated, precise decisions. How might that work for you?
Winning C-Level Buy-In for BPM
Tom Murphy  
10/12/2011   9 comments
As IT managers move their companies to smarter systems, they face long discussions with CXOs about costs and expectations. Here are some ideas on how to make that conversation easier.
Disaster Recovery Before the Storm
Deni Connor  
10/10/2011   20 comments
A decade after 9/11, a survey finds many companies still haven’t made plans to recover from a disaster.
Sanjay Jalona of Infosys: Why Agility is Critical
Tom Murphy  
10/7/2011   6 comments
Sanjay Jalona, Head of Manufacturing at Infosys, explains the importance of agility.
How Jobs Transformed His Industry
Tom Murphy  
10/7/2011   5 comments
“Innovation” was Steve Jobs’ watchword, but he’ll also be remembered for transforming the IT industry’s approach to business processes.
Verizon Says Its Cloud Is Second to None
Cassimir Medford  
10/7/2011   13 comments
After two big acquisitions totaling $1.5 billion, Verizon thinks its cloud services are so good that it has become its own customer.
Starbucks Brews a Complex Cup
Tom Murphy  
10/6/2011   10 comments
Over the past five years, Starbucks has brewed up an enterprise solution to manage everything from growing high-quality beans to ensuring all its 17,000 stores stock fresh lemon scones.
IBM Debuts Business Agility Plans
Cassimir Medford  
10/6/2011   6 comments
IBM launches dozens of business agility services and products that focus on a blend of decision-making, technology, and processes.
The iPhone's Agile Evolution
Tom Murphy  
10/5/2011   9 comments
Beyond just being a great gadget, the newest iPhone reflects sophisticated global coordination, from chipmakers to retail partners.
Standard Architecture on the Way for SOA
Sandra Gittlen  
10/5/2011   4 comments
The 350-member Open Group is developing a vendor-neutral standard that outlines the key components of an SOA architecture.
Keeping Up With Europe’s Changes
Tom Murphy  
10/4/2011   5 comments
As the European business world evolves, Visa created a European division to manage the transaction rule changes generated by thousands of its member institutions.
Orchestrating the Optimal Online Experience
Michael Dortch  
10/3/2011   7 comments
The IT manager must find ways to tie online technology together to have any hope of delivering consistently superior experiences to every internal and external user.
BPM in the Big Apple
Tom Murphy  
9/29/2011   14 comments
Three giant process management projects in New York provide a contrast between what should happen with proper oversight and what can happen without it.
Mobility: An Agile Business’s Wild Card
Cassimir Medford  
9/29/2011   26 comments
Mobile communication presents a wild card for business leaders seeking to inject agility into their business processes.
Faster Transactions on Solid State
Deni Connor  
9/28/2011   24 comments
A shift to solid state drives for transactional database, ERP, and CRM applications is helping some companies slash performance time by more than half.
GAO Finds Military’s IT Efforts Lacking
Tom Murphy  
9/27/2011   20 comments
Despite spending billions annually on IT, the Army, Air Force, and Navy "lack the necessary road maps" to transform business processes and modernize their 2,324 enterprise systems, the GAO says.
An Invisible Threat to BPM
Pierre DeBois  
9/22/2011   9 comments
Broad cultural acceptance of online and mobile technology has quietly increased the need to interact with customers.
Cloud Calls from the Phone Companies
Cassimir Medford  
9/21/2011   14 comments
Bids by two large telecoms for a $2.5B government contract may give a lift to cloud computing, but there are some drawbacks to consider.
Business Agility Goes Social
Tom Murphy  
9/21/2011   3 comments
Sure, we’re live on the Web. But the extended Business Agility family is getting bigger. Join our growing communities on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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