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Keith Dawson  
6/29/2012   38 comments
Researchers have discovered a new service offering -- criminals customizing cyberattack tools and hosting in a MaaS package.
Step Up to Automation & Orchestration
Leigh Carpenter  
6/27/2012   31 comments
The pressure is on to build your on-premises cloud. Here's how to get started.
The CIO Must Evolve
Keith Dawson  
6/26/2012   26 comments
A survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit confirms some important trends we've been watching.
Amazon AWS: From Strength to Strength
Keith Dawson  
6/19/2012   16 comments
Amazon introduces free cloud support, bolsters premium support services, and gains the endorsement of a rival's co-founder.
Microsoft to Buy Yammer for $1.2B
Keith Dawson  
6/18/2012   18 comments
Startup could bring enterprise social networking cred to the world's largest software company.
Internet Evolution Educates on IBM PureSystems
Keith Dawson  
6/11/2012   8 comments
Our sister site is running seven days of executive education with perspectives and context around IBM's expert integrated systems.
Google's Quickoffice Bolsters Mobile, Constrains Microsoft
Keith Dawson  
6/7/2012   20 comments
Google bought Quickoffice, hemming in Microsoft and rendering Google Drive / Apps suddenly more attractive.
Consistency & the Cloud
Eric Christiansen  
6/6/2012   15 comments
If your application will ever become big and/or distributed, you need to understand eventual consistency.
 BA RADIO: One Laptop Per Child CTO Ed McNierney
BA Radio  
6/5/2012   110 comments
McNierney will discuss OLPC's vision of $100 educational laptop computers in the hands of millions of children in developing countries around the world.
When Big-Data Becomes Toxic
Keith Dawson  
6/5/2012   12 comments
Does more frequently sampled data always contain more noise and less signal? Nassim Taleb seems to believe so.
Netflix Streaming in the Clouds
Mark Helfen  
5/30/2012   36 comments
Netflix has bet their business on the cloud, trying to gain economic advantages, operational flexibility and agility, and developer productivity.
Box Beefs Up for the Enterprise
Keith Dawson  
5/29/2012   14 comments
The business-focused file sharing and syncing service tries to distance itself further from the consumer brands.
Government Access to Cloud Data
Keith Dawson  
5/24/2012   52 comments
Think the Patriot Act gives the US government a unique level of access to your data in the cloud? A new study says it's not so.
Keith Dawson  
5/22/2012   31 comments
These cloud suppliers can fill the bill when all you need is a Windows desktop.
Staffing for Big-Data Analytics
Keith Dawson  
5/18/2012   22 comments
The Agile Way to Do Mobile Development
Keith Dawson  
5/16/2012   13 comments
The debate about the supremacy of native apps or Web-based apps is over. Both won.
Defining Big-Data
Keith Dawson  
5/14/2012   26 comments
One way to tell that a technology is immature is that people don't agree on its definition.
Apple Rejecting Apps That Use Dropbox
Keith Dawson  
5/4/2012   16 comments
A strict, some say overreaching, interpretation of the App Store's terms of service.
Datacenters Multiply in the Frozen North
Keith Dawson  
5/2/2012   9 comments
The Nordic countries intend to capitalize on their renewable energy and cool climate.
Unintended Consequences of the Cloud
Keith Dawson  
5/1/2012   10 comments
Interesting and unexpected things can happen when cloud services interact, especially across disparate clouds.
Pure Applications Kills in Vegas
Tom Murphy  
5/1/2012   16 comments
IBM shows off an impressive Pure Applications as the high note of its Impact 2012 keynote session.
Source-Code Breach a Cause for Worry
Keith Dawson  
4/30/2012   17 comments
VMWare has confirmed that a hacker stole and posted some 2004-era source code for ESX.
Impact 2012: This Won’t Stay in Vegas
Tom Murphy  
4/29/2012   11 comments
PureSystems may be the show-stealer as IBM hosts Impact2012 in Las Vegas this week.
 BA Radio: Tomorrow's Innovations With IBM Fellow Jerry Cuomo
BA Radio  
4/24/2012   463 comments
Please join us for a sneak preview of IBM’s Impact 2012 show with IBM Fellow Jerry Cuomo, CTO of the WebSphere Division of Big Blue’s software group. Cuomo will discuss some of the recent innovations in the areas of SOA, social media, cloud, analytics, and complete systems.
Microsoft, Dropbox Enhance Cloud Offerings
Keith Dawson  
4/24/2012   26 comments
Microsoft's SkyDrive becomes more Dropbox-like, and Dropbox broadens sharing, just before an expected announcement about the Google Drive.
Public vs. Private Cloud Security
Eric Christiansen  
4/24/2012   13 comments
Questioning the assumption that private has to mean more secure.
Google Drive Is Coming
Keith Dawson  
4/23/2012   30 comments
We've heard talk for six years, but this time it sounds like it's for real.
Amazon's 'App Store for the Cloud'
Keith Dawson  
4/20/2012   16 comments
Rent pre-configured applications by the hour or the month on your AWS bill.
OpenFlow Promises More Agile Networks
Keith Dawson  
4/19/2012   18 comments
The idea of software-defined networks emerged from academia, but industry is embracing it with alacrity.
The Limits of Virtualization
Leigh Carpenter  
4/17/2012   16 comments
Some say virtualization offers limitless resources at lower costs, but you can go too far, too quickly. And it's incumbent upon the CIO to explain that to business managers.
Turbulence in the Clouds
Keith Dawson  
4/16/2012   13 comments
Open-source cloud management platforms split over their approach to Amazon's API. Agile companies contemplating cloud expansion will want to watch which way the clouds are blowing.
IBM Packages a 'Cloud in a Box'
Keith Dawson  
4/11/2012   21 comments
PureSystems, a new high-density architecture, has built-in expertise for IT and is ready for the cloud.
Innovation & Agility in Boston
Karl Hakkarainen  
4/6/2012   15 comments
Boston has the right mix for innovation and agility.
IBM & Exascale Computing: the Biggest of Big Data
Keith Dawson  
4/5/2012   7 comments
IBM's research collaboration on the world's largest radiotelescope will expand technology in every direction.
Cloudburst: Unexplored Risks of the Cloud
Keith Dawson  
4/4/2012   22 comments
A Yale computer scientist warns of dangers in dependency on the cloud that go deeper than mere outages and security concerns.
Box's Bid to Become Cloud's Operating System
Keith Dawson  
4/2/2012   8 comments
OneCloud service lets you launch apps, collaborate, and share data. It's aiming to move beyond filesharing to become a true platform.
Connected Cars Will Put the Cloud in Top Gear
Pierre DeBois  
3/30/2012   33 comments
Cloud-connected cars will spur app development and open new avenues for agility.
The Dangers of Reckless Datacenter Optimization
John Edwards  
3/29/2012   15 comments
Plan optimization as a formal project with measurable goals.
China Security Concerns Coming Home to Roost
Keith Dawson  
3/28/2012   21 comments
Chinese technology giant Huawei is dropped from US and Australian deals on security concerns.
Bringing Manufacturing Back
Keith Dawson  
3/27/2012   22 comments
The last few decades have seen much of US manufacturing moved offshore. There's a growing movement to "reshore" it.
Cloud Is Exacerbating Tensions Between Business Units & IT
Keith Dawson  
3/26/2012   7 comments
A new survey says that the practice of going around IT to the cloud is more widespread than you may have assumed.
Benchmarking Cloud Data Transfer
Keith Dawson  
3/22/2012   10 comments
Measurements by Nasuni show big differences in importing vs. exporting data at various providers.
US Data Breach Costs Decline
Tom Murphy  
3/21/2012   10 comments
The average cost of a data breach fell 24 percent to $5.5 million in 2011, according to a new study.
Cloud Prices Coming Down to Earth
Keith Dawson  
3/20/2012   10 comments
Three of the big four cloud providers have dropped their prices in recent weeks.
The Cloud Will Rain Jobs
Keith Dawson  
3/16/2012   23 comments
Studies predict at least 1 million new cloud-related jobs in the US within five years.
Three Key Agility Accelerators
Michael Dortch  
3/15/2012   9 comments
When IT works with business decision-makers to enable three key features, business benefits abound.
Mobility & the IT Worker
Keith Dawson  
3/13/2012   17 comments
Android and iOS apps for use by IT workers represent a hot area of mobile development.
How Security Can (& Must) Work With DevOps
Keith Dawson  
3/9/2012   16 comments
Think the speed of DevOps precludes a role for security? Think again.
Making Sense of Rio’s Chaos
Tom Murphy  
3/6/2012   7 comments
Big Blue is helping Rio de Janeiro bring order to a chaotic city with an unprecedented control center that analyzes the city’s needs in real time.
Facebook Is Trying to Lower Your Costs
Keith Dawson  
3/2/2012   12 comments
The social giant is opening up the design of everything from data centers to hard disks.
Site Seizure Leads to Megapains
Mark Helfen  
3/1/2012   12 comments
The Megaupload.com shutdown hurt the good guys along with the suspects. There are now more risks to consider in developing a cloud strategy.
RSA Security Meeting: Cloud, Mobile, & Big Data
Keith Dawson  
2/29/2012   14 comments
The technologies enabling business agility are in the spotlight at a conference with a security focus.
Why Cloud Security Is Hard
Keith Dawson  
2/28/2012   16 comments
Security is not free, and moving to the cloud can introduce you to costs and risks you never knew you faced (though you did).
How Agile Is Your Architecture?
Michael Dortch  
2/27/2012   4 comments
Government agencies are boosting IT capabilities with shrinking budgets. Here’s how they’re doing that.
A First Look at Cloud Security
Keith Dawson  
2/22/2012   14 comments
Tools, standards, and platforms are still evolving towards greater security in the cloud.
Staying Employable in IT
Keith Dawson  
2/21/2012   11 comments
A baker's dozen of skills and topics of which the agile IT pro will be on top.
LightSquared: The Wrong Kind of Agile
Keith Dawson  
2/16/2012   17 comments
The company masterfully worked the government and investment markets -- for a time. Its show is about to fold.
The Pie in the Cloudy Sky
Tom Dunlap  
2/16/2012   10 comments
Can cloud computing really solve every technology problem under the sun? You might think so at the Cloud Connect conference.
Cloud Productivity Heats Up With IBM Docs
Keith Dawson  
2/3/2012   17 comments
New contender will vie with Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365.
pcAnywhere Is Toast
Keith Dawson  
1/30/2012   11 comments
Symantec has "recalled" pcAnywhere after hackers passed purloined source code on to Anonymous.
Industrial-Strength File Syncing & Sharing
Keith Dawson  
1/25/2012   35 comments
Consumerization shouldn't extend to bringing an insecure and unmanageable consumer-grade file syncing service into the enterprise.
A Gateway to the Cloud
David Coursey  
1/24/2012   11 comments
Dropbox is an addictive agility tool that companies may not be able to easily control.
Best Buy's Agile Foray Into the Cloud
Pierre DeBois  
1/24/2012   6 comments
The agility inherent in Best Buy's mindShift purchase reminds small businesses that good service is the best offense.
Private Clouds Set to Soar
Tom Dunlap  
1/23/2012   6 comments
Enterprises find that the most compelling way to support modern app development is by leveraging the cloud’s benefits.
Be Sure You Own Your Data in the Cloud
Keith Dawson  
1/23/2012   9 comments
Contractual, technical, and political solutions to thorny problems related to your data in the cloud.
Berkeley Moving to the Cloud
Mark Helfen  
1/20/2012   18 comments
UC Berkeley has decided to abandon its homegrown email and calendar system and move to the cloud.
Big Data, NoSQL & the Cloud
Keith Dawson  
1/20/2012   6 comments
The first fully scaleable NoSQL-as-a-service offering certainly won't be the last.
Security Tested by Cyber Attacks
Tom Murphy  
1/19/2012   34 comments
Recent cyber-sniping between Israeli and Arab hackers underscores the need for companies to protect their customers.
Maximizing the SMB's Advantage Online
Pierre DeBois  
1/10/2012   17 comments
The Internet offers agile SMBs a potential advantage over bigger rivals. Here are some tips to maximize that strength online.
Guarding Against 'Advanced Persistent Threat'
Keith Dawson  
1/10/2012   11 comments
CIOs in charge of security need to be very aware of the so-called Advanced Persistent Threat and shore up their defenses.
The Rising Shadow of Google+
Tom Murphy  
1/4/2012   35 comments
As interest in social business grows, Google+ may play a bigger role, with one forecaster predicting it will grow to 400 million users this year.
The IT Job Market Brightens
Tom Murphy  
1/3/2012   22 comments
Will you add to your IT staff in 2012? Or give workers a raise? Demand is rising for technology workers.
2012: The End of the World (as We Know IT)
Tom Murphy  
12/29/2011   30 comments
The world probably won’t end in 2012, but the way we do business will change forever. Agile technologies can help savvy CIOs cope with what’s to come.
How to Stretch the Limits on Your Datacenter
Sandra Gittlen  
12/28/2011   50 comments
As datacenters reach their limits, a mobile, modular approach can help cover shortages on an interim basis.
Technology + People = Success
Mike Edelhart  
12/27/2011   38 comments
Great technologies won’t help your company a bit if the employees won’t use them. Tyco found a way to get its workers on board.
Younger Workers Challenge IT Norms
Mark Helfen  
12/22/2011   32 comments
A study shows the next generation of workers will be quite different when it comes to technology.
Five Paths to Tech Nirvana
Tom Murphy  
12/21/2011   31 comments
Will computers recognize us within in the next five years? Will the digital divide vanish? Some smart folks at IBM seem to think so.
Agile Technology of the Year
Tom Murphy  
12/20/2011   7 comments
Editor in Chief Tom Murphy announces Business Agility's Technology of the Year.
When Data Security Is as Fragile as Glass
Tom Murphy  
12/20/2011   16 comments
Despite all the measures you’ve taken to protect your data, your security may be as thin as a pane of glass.
Facebook’s Timeline Won’t Change Your Network
Tom Murphy  
12/16/2011   40 comments
Facebook’s new Timeline reflects the social network’s own progression, but it isn’t likely to change the direction of corporate or local online communities.
Embracing the DIY Tech Movement
Tom Murphy  
12/15/2011   5 comments
Tech-savvy employees are circumventing the IT department to find the work solutions they need. Should you help them?
Protecting Data Through BPM
Pierre DeBois  
12/14/2011   5 comments
A business process team can enhance security by helping an organization to analyze the access and use of its data.
And Now a Word from Our Cloud...
Cassimir Medford  
12/13/2011   8 comments
In addition to reinventing TV as we know it, cable companies are transforming advertising by reaching into the cloud.
Holiday Shopping for Cloud Companies
Tom Murphy  
12/12/2011   7 comments
Recent acquisitions of cloud-based service companies have sent the values of other firms higher.
Reinventing TV in the Cloud
Cassimir Medford  
12/12/2011   6 comments
If they embrace the potential of cloud technology and eschew the failures of the Tech TV movement, cable companies will have a chance to reinvent TV as we know it.
Facebook Future May Lie in the Enterprise
Tom Murphy  
12/7/2011   12 comments
With plans for a $10 billion IPO and a sprawling New York engineering facility, Facebook may be preparing to expand into the workplace through an enterprise-level business network.
Verizon Deal Spurs Cable’s IT Push
Cassimir Medford  
12/7/2011   5 comments
A $3.6 billion deal with Verizon gives the big cable operators another shot at selling mobile services in the demanding business market.
Making the Cloud Even Safer
Tom Murphy  
12/6/2011   14 comments
Some simple practices can make the migration to the cloud a lot safer and simpler. So why don’t more companies adopt them?
Data Explosion Poses Challenge in Legal Circles
Tom Dunlap  
12/5/2011   10 comments
Corporate lawyers and big law firms face new challenges in complying with discovery regulations as the amount of data explodes and storage methods shift to the cloud.
The ‘Really Bad’ Side of Great Technology
David Coursey  
12/2/2011   15 comments
Advances in cloud computing will change enterprise computing for the better, but they also raise the risks that something horrible may happen.
Built for Speed: In-Memory Computing
Tom Dunlap  
11/29/2011   5 comments
As a tsunami of data washes over enterprises, new technology and lower costs are fueling an interest in in-memory computing.
Cables to the Cloud
Cassimir Medford  
11/28/2011   32 comments
Cable companies, already big in the SMB market, are ramping up for enterprise-level services in the cloud.
The Cloud, Full Speed Ahead
John W. Verity  
11/23/2011   8 comments
Might steam-driven railroads have something to teach about how technology reshapes the world and our understanding of it?
Books, Music & Teraflops to Go
Mike Edelhart  
11/22/2011   28 comments
Amazon's introduction of supercomputing as a low-cost cloud service is a remarkable achievement. One can only guess at the different kinds of projects it will enable.
Palestinians Plan for the Cloud
John W. Verity  
11/21/2011   11 comments
Lofty e-government plans in the Palestinian territories appear to be on a collision course with political realities on the ground.
Waking Up to New Priorities
Tom Murphy  
11/18/2011   12 comments
New data shows rapid adoption of mobile apps in the enterprise, a game-changing shift that requires close coordination of analytics, cloud, and social business technologies.
Lean Means More With Less
John W. Verity  
11/18/2011   11 comments
Derived from Toyota's famed manufacturing methods, lean IT practices promise to slash waste and make IT development projects and IT operations more efficient and productive.
There's an API, or Two, in Your Future
John W. Verity  
11/17/2011   20 comments
While the proliferation of Web services is helping companies gain agility, it's also demanding that they pay special attention to the many connections, or APIs, that help weave these services together.
Thornton May to Talk Big Data on BA Radio
Tom Murphy  
11/16/2011   Post a comment
As the wave of "Big Data" rolls toward the corporate shore, IT futurist Thornton May will visit BA Radio to discuss its probable impact.
E-Government: Cloud to the Rescue?
John W. Verity  
11/16/2011   5 comments
Many Third World nations are rushing to adopt the latest cloud technologies as the basis for ambitious e-government systems. The cloud should help, but it's no guarantee of success.

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Researchers have discovered a new service offering -- criminals customizing cyberattack tools and hosting in a MaaS package.
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A survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit confirms some important trends we've been watching.
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