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Facebook Agrees to 'Sponsored Stories' Climbdown
Keith Dawson  
6/25/2012   65 comments
The social network will let users choose not to be featured in advertising, pay $20 million, and forego at least $103 million in revenue.
More Funding Urged for Catching Cybercriminals
Keith Dawson  
6/22/2012   26 comments
Research undertaken for the UK Ministry of Defence concludes that we spend too much on defensive technology and not enough on police work.
Microsoft's 'Surface' Tablet / PC
Keith Dawson  
6/21/2012   21 comments
Microsoft's move is a bold one on many fronts, but the success of Surface is far from assured.
ICANN's Dot-Anything Plan Advances
Keith Dawson  
6/15/2012   28 comments
Applications to control some 1,930 new top-level domains have been publicly revealed.
The Essence of Agility
Keith Dawson  
6/12/2012   13 comments
Joi Ito delivers nine guidelines for staying agile in an era of escalating disruption.
Agility Lessons From the LinkedIn Breach
Keith Dawson  
6/8/2012   37 comments
LinkedIn is reeling from a password breach, whose aftermath is still unfolding. The company has made mistakes, both in security best-practices and in communicating with affected users after the fact.
APIs Are NOT Copyrightable
Keith Dawson  
6/4/2012   21 comments
The Oracle v. Google case wraps, with all the legal legs knocked out from under Oracle.
Mobile Device Management From the Trenches
Keith Dawson  
6/1/2012   12 comments
If your employees are BYOD (and they surely are), you need MDM. Here is some advice from practitioners who have been down that road.
Facebook Should Do the Following
Keith Dawson  
5/25/2012   72 comments
We put on our community's thinking cap and begin designing Facebook's next steps.
Facebook's Post-IPO Agility
Keith Dawson  
5/21/2012   45 comments
Two questions arise following the social network's IPO: How can it justify its valuation, and what should it spend its new money on?
Going Whole Hog With BYOD
Keith Dawson  
5/15/2012   12 comments
VMWare jumps right in, mandating BYOD for 6,000 US employee phones. Tablets and laptops are next.
Mobility & the Risks of BYOD
Keith Dawson  
5/11/2012   18 comments
Evidence has been growing that every company needs a bring-your-own-device policy; here is some more.
Oracle v. Google: Are APIs Copyrightable?
Keith Dawson  
5/10/2012   30 comments
The jury punted on the critical issue of fair use, and the judge needs to rule on the more central question of whether APIs can be copyrighted in the first place.
Patents Considered a Drain
Karl Hakkarainen  
5/9/2012   19 comments
Patents can be a drag on an early-stage startup.
Getting Away With Stealing Software
Keith Dawson  
5/8/2012   23 comments
Two court rulings last month have made it hard to prosecute anyone for stealing software developed for solely in-house use, or other corporate data.
Tablets in IT's Future
Keith Dawson  
5/7/2012   23 comments
The BYOD madness won't abate anytime soon, if tablet projections are to be believed; but there are benefits to IT too.
Agility on Display in Online Advertising
Keith Dawson  
5/3/2012   18 comments
The online ad business is growing fast and its moving parts are constantly shifting.
The Steady Road to Agility
Pierre DeBois  
5/3/2012   10 comments
Ford demonstrates one way traditional companies can leverage technology to become more agile.
Pure Applications Kills in Vegas
Tom Murphy  
5/1/2012   16 comments
IBM shows off an impressive Pure Applications as the high note of its Impact 2012 keynote session.
A Primer on the Social Enterprise
Keith Dawson  
4/27/2012   19 comments
Social media consultant Sara Roberts lays down the law about what works and what doesn't as an organization becomes more social.
Agile Like Disney
Keith Dawson  
4/26/2012   41 comments
The Disney Institute has a lot to teach us about agile customer service and efficiency in handling crowds.
 BA Radio: Tomorrow's Innovations With IBM Fellow Jerry Cuomo
BA Radio  
4/24/2012   463 comments
Please join us for a sneak preview of IBMís Impact 2012 show with IBM Fellow Jerry Cuomo, CTO of the WebSphere Division of Big Blueís software group. Cuomo will discuss some of the recent innovations in the areas of SOA, social media, cloud, analytics, and complete systems.
Agility: Looking Beyond Technology
David Coursey  
4/18/2012   25 comments
Agility is not just a choice of tools or an IT philosophy, but something much deeper that lives -- or doesnít -- inside all of us.
A Crash Course in Near Field Communication
Keith Dawson  
4/13/2012   45 comments
Near Field Connects president Theresa Billy educates us on the present reality and the potential of NFC technology.
Why Microsoft Bought 800 of AOL's Patents
Keith Dawson  
4/12/2012   18 comments
The two tech giants demonstrated their agility by crafting a deal that is hugely advantageous to both.
Democratizing Business Intelligence
Pierre DeBois  
4/12/2012   14 comments
A new generation of BI tools provides data management for those with limited or no database skills, bringing real-time data demand within reach for many companies.
Don't Lose Track of Decommissioned Data
Mark Helfen  
4/10/2012   17 comments
Old disc drives are still a source of dangerous data.
Mac Malware Has Arrived
Keith Dawson  
4/9/2012   41 comments
IT needs to work on educating Mac-using BYOD employees who may have gotten complacent about security patching.
UN-ITU Meeting to Review Internet Governance
Keith Dawson  
4/3/2012   11 comments
At the WCIT-12 meeting in Dubai in December, some nations will be pushing to put the Internet under a UN regime.
Being Social on Your Own Website
Maryam Donnelly  
4/3/2012   16 comments
Integrate social media reviews into your Website to drive conversion and alleviate "social wandering."
US Government Research Push on Big Data
Keith Dawson  
3/30/2012   23 comments
$200 million in research funding will accelerate big data knowledge, tools, and education.
 Socialize the Enterprise, With Rik Frost, Ascendant Technology
BA Radio  
3/27/2012   72 comments
Join us for an in-depth discussion with Rik Frost director of portal strategy at Ascendant Technology, which won IBM's 2012 Chief Technology Award for its innovative "Socialize the Enterprise" product.
FTC Threatens to Regulate Personal Data
Tom Murphy  
3/27/2012   43 comments
US trade agency warns online companies to regulate their use of consumer data, or the government will step in to do it for them.
Socially Inept Firms Demand Facebook Passwords
Tom Murphy  
3/26/2012   21 comments
Asking job candidates for their Facebook password isnít just an invasion of privacy. It may have legal repercussions for your company.
BYOD: More Reasons to Lose Sleep
Mark Helfen  
3/23/2012   13 comments
At the recent RSA conference, security experts outlined ways a targeted attack could get valuable data from BYOD cellphones.
The New Math: Product + Process = Service
Pierre DeBois  
3/22/2012   9 comments
Many businesses are finding ways to transform their products into services, but incorporating business process in the delivery remains the true answer to the arithmetic of creating profits.
Risks of Advertisements in Android Apps
Keith Dawson  
3/21/2012   7 comments
Ad libraries pose privacy and security risks in some Android apps.
US Data Breach Costs Decline
Tom Murphy  
3/21/2012   10 comments
The average cost of a data breach fell 24 percent to $5.5 million in 2011, according to a new study.
Big Data for Small Players
Tom Murphy  
3/20/2012   13 comments
For all those companies that think they canít afford to compete in the big data world, a startup sets out to prove they can.
Rumors of Death of the CIO Greatly Exaggerated
Keith Dawson  
3/19/2012   4 comments
Rumors that the CIO's job could be handed over to the CFO are false. (Not that serious people ever believed them.)
Recruiting With an Agile Touch
Ellis Booker  
3/16/2012   6 comments
Agile technology companies and financial firms have less trouble finding workers with science, technology, engineering, and math backgrounds.
Study Finds IT Skill Gaps
Keith Dawson  
3/15/2012   13 comments
Business and IT managers believe their IT staff exhibit lacunae.
PepsiCo's Agile CEO Buys Some Time
Tom Murphy  
3/14/2012   18 comments
After a six-year drift toward healthier products, Pepsi gains some flexibility with an agile turn back to junk food.
Yahoo Sues Facebook Over Patents
Keith Dawson  
3/14/2012   17 comments
Those who can, do. Those who can't, sue for patent infringement.
What to Do About Yahoo
Tom Murphy  
3/12/2012   31 comments
Yahooís six-year struggle to regain its footing presents a challenge to agile thinkers. What changes would you make?
The New iPad & the Enterprise
Keith Dawson  
3/12/2012   16 comments
As if consumerization of the enterprise didn't already have enough momentum, the new iPad adds another reason to BYOD.
Management Education Never Stops
Pierre DeBois  
3/8/2012   4 comments
Educating managers can help take advantage of analytic tools and refine opportunities to deliver customer value.
Curing the Ills of Healthcare Security
Keith Dawson  
3/8/2012   14 comments
A new report on security is a wakeup call for the healthcare industry, and not just for CIOs and CSOs.
Agile Recruiting Builds Agile Teams
Karl Hakkarainen  
3/8/2012   17 comments
Before you can attain agility, you must have agile workers. Research points to improved ways of finding them.
Making Sense of Rioís Chaos
Tom Murphy  
3/6/2012   7 comments
Big Blue is helping Rio de Janeiro bring order to a chaotic city with an unprecedented control center that analyzes the cityís needs in real time.
How Agile Is Your Architecture?
Michael Dortch  
2/27/2012   4 comments
Government agencies are boosting IT capabilities with shrinking budgets. Hereís how theyíre doing that.
 Driving Agility at Cars.com
BA Radio  
2/21/2012   111 comments
Kayne Grau is vice president of technology, and Len Lagestee is a social evangelist and project manager, at Cars.com.
Staying Employable in IT
Keith Dawson  
2/21/2012   11 comments
A baker's dozen of skills and topics of which the agile IT pro will be on top.
Growing Up Agile
Tom Murphy  
2/21/2012   10 comments
Itís sad when the next big thing turns into the latest has-been. Hereís what your company can do to avoid that trap.
Chip Poses Data Privacy Issues
Pierre DeBois  
2/10/2012   21 comments
An electronic chip embedded under the skin could enhance medical care, but it fuels concerns over data sharing and privacy.
Avoiding Facebook's Fuzzy Math
Tom Murphy  
2/8/2012   13 comments
When measuring the audience on your social enterprise, make sure you're actually counting your visitors -- unlike Facebook.
How to Recruit a 'Quant'
Ellis Booker  
2/8/2012   15 comments
Talking about making your organization data-driven is fine. But how should you go about recruiting people able to analyze and manage quantitative data?
Seeking Firms That Sustain Agility
Brad Power  
2/2/2012   19 comments
Tell me if you've seen an IT organization that has accelerated process improvement activities over many years.
IT Helps Guide Health Decisions
Tom Murphy  
2/1/2012   10 comments
A California study finds clinical decision support systems can significantly reduce infections in nursing home patients.
Limits of Big Data Analytics
Keith Dawson  
1/30/2012   14 comments
Why those who practice big data analytics must heed context change, complexity, and overconfidence.
Hadoop's New Breed Faces a Test
Cassimir Medford  
1/25/2012   14 comments
Hadoop is stirring talk of replacing the relational database. But for now, small steps are in order.
Berkeley Moving to the Cloud
Mark Helfen  
1/20/2012   18 comments
UC Berkeley has decided to abandon its homegrown email and calendar system and move to the cloud.
Making It Fun to Start a New Job
Keith Dawson  
1/17/2012   22 comments
Enterprise social software gets an option to make the onboarding process fun and competitive.
Agility Enablers: Consultants, Integrators & Influencers
Michael Dortch  
1/13/2012   28 comments
An insider's view of how value-adding intermediaries aid, abet, and accelerate agility with technology projects Ė when they're chosen and managed correctly.
Chaotic Times Demand an Agile Response
Keith Dawson  
1/13/2012   20 comments
Things are not only moving faster than ever, they may be moving chaotically.
What We Donít Know About Going Social
Tom Murphy  
1/11/2012   18 comments
As companies race to build social enterprises, training managers in how to use social media may be the first step.
The Bankrupt Side of Agility
Tom Murphy  
1/9/2012   16 comments
Companies that take cover from bankruptcy may win a battle but lose the war for agility.
The Rising Shadow of Google+
Tom Murphy  
1/4/2012   35 comments
As interest in social business grows, Google+ may play a bigger role, with one forecaster predicting it will grow to 400 million users this year.
Marketing Agility: Tips From a Successful CIO
Michael Dortch  
1/4/2012   7 comments
IT managers may be great at planning an agile enterprise, but they need to know how to evangelize to colleagues who can make it happen.
The IT Job Market Brightens
Tom Murphy  
1/3/2012   22 comments
Will you add to your IT staff in 2012? Or give workers a raise? Demand is rising for technology workers.
Making a Commitment to Hadoop
Cassimir Medford  
1/3/2012   9 comments
It may be a game-changing big data tool, but Hadoop's adoption in the IT mainstream has been slowed by the fact that it's a solution to a still-emerging problem.
2012: The End of the World (as We Know IT)
Tom Murphy  
12/29/2011   30 comments
The world probably wonít end in 2012, but the way we do business will change forever. Agile technologies can help savvy CIOs cope with whatís to come.
Benefits Flow From Document-Oriented Database
Pierre DeBois  
12/29/2011   24 comments
Document-oriented databases can support dynamic operations, enhancing service delivery and customer satisfaction.
Looking Back on a Fast-Changing Year
Tom Murphy  
12/27/2011   44 comments
Yearend updates: Catching up on some recent stories in the agile technology universe.
Younger Workers Challenge IT Norms
Mark Helfen  
12/22/2011   32 comments
A study shows the next generation of workers will be quite different when it comes to technology.
Five Paths to Tech Nirvana
Tom Murphy  
12/21/2011   31 comments
Will computers recognize us within in the next five years? Will the digital divide vanish? Some smart folks at IBM seem to think so.
Two Big Problems for Big Data
Cassimir Medford  
12/21/2011   12 comments
Analytics pioneer Norman Nie says a lack of trained personnel and tools is holding back the science needed to crack Big Data.
When Data Security Is as Fragile as Glass
Tom Murphy  
12/20/2011   16 comments
Despite all the measures youíve taken to protect your data, your security may be as thin as a pane of glass.
Negotiius Emptor: Your Customers Rule
Tom Murphy  
12/19/2011   17 comments
The rapid growth of social enterprises and mobile apps reflects something smart companies already know: The customer is destined to be king, again.
Embracing the DIY Tech Movement
Tom Murphy  
12/15/2011   5 comments
Tech-savvy employees are circumventing the IT department to find the work solutions they need. Should you help them?
Itís Beginning to Look a Lot Like Mobile
Tom Murphy  
12/14/2011   8 comments
A new study finds "insatiable" shoppers drive the adoption of mobile technologies at retail stores.
Protecting Data Through BPM
Pierre DeBois  
12/14/2011   5 comments
A business process team can enhance security by helping an organization to analyze the access and use of its data.
Chipmaker Plight Shows Need for Predictive Tools
Tom Murphy  
12/13/2011   8 comments
When flooding cut disk drive production in Thailand in October, it was predictable that it would hurt the PC industry. So why was Intelís revenue warning such a surprise?
Holiday Shopping for Cloud Companies
Tom Murphy  
12/12/2011   7 comments
Recent acquisitions of cloud-based service companies have sent the values of other firms higher.
Donít Overlook Data From Processes
Tom Murphy  
12/9/2011   7 comments
When designing your data analysis solutions, donít forget to include the data from the IT processes.
People Metrics Requires Compassion
David Coursey  
12/9/2011   8 comments
Business analytics is a powerful tool that can empower -- or abuse -- your employees. Just look at FarmVille.
Kodak: A Snapshot of Poor Agility
Tom Murphy  
12/8/2011   12 comments
Kodakís brilliance as a technology innovator couldnít offset bad management decisions that flowed from instinct instead of predictive analytics.
Virtual Idol May Rock Corporate Communications
Mike Edelhart  
12/8/2011   17 comments
Japanís latest pop sensation is not even human, but she may change the way corporate IT departments think about presentations.
Making the Cloud Even Safer
Tom Murphy  
12/6/2011   14 comments
Some simple practices can make the migration to the cloud a lot safer and simpler. So why donít more companies adopt them?
Remaining Agile While Using Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
12/6/2011   5 comments
While measuring customer interest with analytics, agile companies are learning to enhance their appeal.
SMBs Thrive on Enterprise-Style Analytics Tools
Tom Murphy  
12/5/2011   4 comments
Like enterprise players, SMBs also show marked improvements when they use analytics to make faster, fact-based decisions, says a research report.
Data Explosion Poses Challenge in Legal Circles
Tom Dunlap  
12/5/2011   10 comments
Corporate lawyers and big law firms face new challenges in complying with discovery regulations as the amount of data explodes and storage methods shift to the cloud.
On the Enterprise, a Talent Gap Looms
Tom Murphy  
12/2/2011   7 comments
As analytics and social management technologies begin to blossom, staffing issues will present new challenges and limitations.
Finding Leadership Across the Enterprise
Tom Murphy  
12/1/2011   6 comments
Considering a new strategy in your enterprise? Morning Star and Wikipedia transformed their organizations by taking a social approach and consulting their workers.
Building Trust Through Transparency
Pierre DeBois  
11/30/2011   7 comments
Ratings generated by your own customers can help SMBs compete with bigger, better-known brands.
BA Radio: Analyzing Data With Tom Davenport
Tom Murphy  
11/29/2011   2 comments
In a visit to BA Radio, the analytics consultant Tom Davenport will offer tips on how retailers and other companies can profit from better use of data.
Turning the Enterprise Into a Game
Tom Murphy  
11/28/2011   19 comments
As companies set out to build social features into the enterprise, some ask why work processes canít be more like games.
Data Science: Is It Real?
John W. Verity  
11/22/2011   16 comments
Data scientists are in great demand right now, but it's not entirely clear how much actual science they have to offer.
Waking Up to New Priorities
Tom Murphy  
11/18/2011   12 comments
New data shows rapid adoption of mobile apps in the enterprise, a game-changing shift that requires close coordination of analytics, cloud, and social business technologies.
Lean Means More With Less
John W. Verity  
11/18/2011   11 comments
Derived from Toyota's famed manufacturing methods, lean IT practices promise to slash waste and make IT development projects and IT operations more efficient and productive.

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