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 Making Mobile Safe With Security Consultant Kevin Johnson
BA Radio  
6/26/2012   152 comments
Three-quarters of US corporations are developing mobile apps, and every one of them is worried about security. Our guest, Kevin Johnson, is a security consultant with many years of experience working with the Fortune 100 to find and eliminate vulnerabilities in their networks.
 Mobile Strategies for the Mall With Steven Keith Platt
BA Radio  
6/19/2012   93 comments
Find out from Steven Keith Platt, director of the Platt Retail Institute, what's working and what isn't as retailers jockey to win over the mobile shopper.
 BA Radio: Dion Hinchcliffe & Peter Kim
BA Radio  
6/12/2012   56 comments
Join the authors of Social Business By Design for a deep dive into what it takes to get a company moving down the path to becoming a successful social enterprise.
 BA RADIO: One Laptop Per Child CTO Ed McNierney
BA Radio  
6/5/2012   110 comments
McNierney will discuss OLPC's vision of $100 educational laptop computers in the hands of millions of children in developing countries around the world.
 BA Radio: Tomorrow's Innovations With IBM Fellow Jerry Cuomo
BA Radio  
4/24/2012   463 comments
Please join us for a sneak preview of IBM’s Impact 2012 show with IBM Fellow Jerry Cuomo, CTO of the WebSphere Division of Big Blue’s software group. Cuomo will discuss some of the recent innovations in the areas of SOA, social media, cloud, analytics, and complete systems.
 Socialize the Enterprise, With Rik Frost, Ascendant Technology
BA Radio  
3/27/2012   72 comments
Join us for an in-depth discussion with Rik Frost director of portal strategy at Ascendant Technology, which won IBM's 2012 Chief Technology Award for its innovative "Socialize the Enterprise" product.
 Bank on Social Business With Wells Fargo SVP Nathan Bricklin
BA Radio  
3/21/2012   68 comments
Nathan Bricklin is senior vice president and director of social business strategies for the wholesale banking division of Wells Fargo.
 Wikimedia's Philippe Beaudette
BA Radio  
2/28/2012   106 comments
Philippe Beaudette, Community Advocacy Director for the Wikimedia Foundation, tells how Wikipedia relied on its own network of editors as a crowdsourcing tool to overhaul a key business process.
 Driving Agility at Cars.com
BA Radio  
2/21/2012   111 comments
Kayne Grau is vice president of technology, and Len Lagestee is a social evangelist and project manager, at Cars.com.
 Getting More From Analytics with Tom Davenport
BA Radio  
11/30/2011   72 comments
Davenport will discuss some of the findings in his latest book, Analytics at Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results.
 Beware, Big Data with Thornton May
BA Radio  
11/17/2011   106 comments
Thornton May is Futurist, Executive Director, and Dean of the IT Leadership Academy and has extensive experience researching and consulting on the roles of boards of directors and C-level executives in creating value with information technology. He is the author of The New Know. May will examine some of the fallacies and misconceptions enterprises bring to the table when they embark on an analytics and "big data" projects, among many other topics.
 Powering the Next-Generation Enterprise with Dion Hinchcliffe
BA Radio  
11/3/2011   58 comments
The president and CTO of Hinchcliffe & Co. will talk about creating next-gen businesses using Web 2.0, SOA, and other innovative solutions.
 Best Practices & Predictive Analytics with James Taylor
BA Radio  
10/27/2011   99 comments
James Taylor is a decision management expert and maintains the James Taylor on Decision Management blog. He is also the author of the new book, Decision Management Systems, and will discuss how to use business rules and and predictive analytics in smarter, more practical ways.

You can also download this e-sampler of Decision Management Systems

 A Deep Dive Into Social Analytics with Marshall Sponder
BA Radio  
10/13/2011   101 comments
Marshall Sponder is Senior Manager, Analytics, at consultancy WCG; he is also the author of Social Media Analytics: Effective Tools for Building, Interpreting, and Using Metrics, and will talk about how enterprises can make better use of all the social media data they collect.
 Process Attention Deficit Disorder & BPM Sustainability: A Discussion with Brad Power
BA Radio  
9/22/2011   128 comments
Brad Power is a consultant and researcher in process innovation and has written extensively about business process management for the Harvard Business Review. He's currently working on sustaining attention to process management and is conducting research with the Lean Enterprise Institute. Power will discuss ways that process improvement can be successfully sustained over time.

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